Who am I and What the Hell am I Doing?
Who I Am - What is LIG

Welcome to my first post on the blog! This will also be my introduction to Lil Improvements and giving you some background on who I am and why I’m choosing to do this.


So to tell you who I am, I’m Kalani from Australia and currently a full time Uni student with too much free time. With all this free time, I’m planning on going balls to the wall and trying to improve my golf game as much as possible, to scratch and eventually professionally.

Whilst I played a little bit of golf growing up, it was never anything consistent or substantial. At best all I got out of it was a the ability to swing a club consistently and know the basics. My aim for my golf game is to make Lil Improvements, consistently, day after day.

I don’t really enjoy doing things halfheartedly so I have decided (maybe stupidly so) to go all in on this adventure and put myself out there in the process of doing so. I may be a bit insane and delusional towards my goals but I think it’s work giving it a red hot crack!


After losing my job and whilst studying at Uni, I’ve found a fair bit of free time and absolutely fell completely in love with the game of golf and now spend every minute of spare time practising and improving. Therefor I decided to set a lofty but (what I think anyway) manageable to goal of reaching scratch level golf. But if I’m being honest I don’t want to stop there, I also believe if I put enough time, effort and deliberate practice there is enough time for me to reach tour level golf. Ho-sung Choi didn’t start playing until he was 25! So I’ve got a 2 year head start ;).

Who says miracles never happen?


Because I’m funny and interesting? But seriously I’m hoping that by diving and delving deep into this goal, I’ll be able to show and create some high quality information / drills / tips that will not only be interesting to read, but applicable to their own golf games too. Or you may choose to read just to follow my descent into golfing insanity and laugh at my pity. The choice is up to you!


Covered more in depth in a future post, basically I started this process as a Uni student with too much time on his hands and too much love for the game. Beginning this I was an unofficial mid 20’s handicap. Having never played a proper tournament or competitive round (but around 50 odd rounds by myself, friends and with my girlfriend). My best ever score through 9 holes is a 44, having never broken 90 through 18. I have a handful of birdies yet no eagles or holes in one.

I want to show the full, in depth process of from an average weekend golfer, through to scratch, and hopefully onward to a tour spot.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I don’t want to only provide personal updates on my journey which can be often boring and monotonous. I also want to create beneficial and interesting content to readers. Whether that’ll be detailed training, workout or stretching programs, or even writing on goal setting and the large mental aspects of golf. Overall I want people to read something here and be able to go away with something useful or implementable in their own golf game or lives.


If you think I’m insane and need some help, or if you want to support me in any way possible, please see the Support page! You’re help is greatly appreciated on this often lonely journey.


Comment section below is open for that and questions or queries are encouraged, hell even roast me if you think I’m crazy for trying this. If not you can reach out on social media either on Twitter or Instagram.

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