The Starting Point

This is where it all begins, the starting point! If you want to know who I am, or my goals, click through those links. I’m gonna give some of my beginning stats, WITB, my starting thoughts, as well as rating my chances of completing my goals.

The Starting Point
Can we just appreciate for a second how good this stock photo is!?

Some quick beginning stats for you before I give my thoughts.

  • Date: 15th July, 2019
  • Age: 23
  • Handicap: Unofficially somewhere in the mid 20’s. anywhere from 10 to 13 over through nine seems to be my average
  • Best score through 9: 44
  • Best score through 18: 93
  • Birdies: Around 5-6 all up maybe?


Irons and wedges were recently fitted for me. Driver and putter were ebay deals.

Driver: TaylorMade SLDR 460 S 10 Degree – Tour AD MT-6(S) Shaft – Golf Pride Grip

Putter: TaylorMade OS CB 35″ – SuperStroke Slim grip 3.0

Irons: Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pros 4-GW – True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Shafts +1″ – Golf Pride 2G Midsize Wrap

Wedges: Mizuno S18 54 and 60 Degree – Chrome – True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Shafts +1″ – Golf Pride 2G Midsize Wrap

Balls: Whatever I can find. Do like TaylorMade TPX5 when I find them though


  1. Hit more GIR. No where near enough at the moment, especially on Par 5’s.
  2. Limit the almighty 3 putt. It is killing my games having a few 3 putts on the scorecard.
  3. Get on the fairway. No use trying to be a hero and hit bombs if you’re hitting from behind a tree. Get on the fairway and make life easier. Will also help point #1.
  4. Keep the swing consistent. Stop the Youtube videos and stop bloody changing it!


I just want to get started! Nervous but excited. Admittedly the hours I’m putting in right now is a little lower than once my program is in full swing. Reason for this is just because I’m trying to get this blog up and running and all set up before I dive in head first, never to be seen again. But I’m already getting a good amount of rounds in, now to really knuckle down on my short game practice and doing the extras like gym work and keeping the body in good shape.


Hell yeah I do. Looking against my goals (Going professional and becoming scratch in essence), I’m feeling rather optimistic. I think I truly believe I will be able to make scratch at some stage, and it’s more of a question of when rather than if. I know I can put in the time and effort (barring any major setbacks or speed humps obviously), required to at least get to scratch. Going pro is the larger challenge. But I think it is possible. Not likely. Not going to be easy, but definitely possible!


The program starts! I’ll release my weekly plan soon, which will detail what my sessions look like each week so you can see what I’m doing.

Other than that I’m planning to do some more articles on my practices and strategy towards scratch and at this stage I’ll be doing fortnightly updates of my rounds and thoughts. But if you want a more up to date look, you can see the Progress page for all up to date stats and scores. Or head straight to the source of stats on my google sheets.

Hope I’ve given a good idea of my starting point towards scratch and eventually pro. If you have any questions or advice, please do comment below!

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