My Weekly Program for Progress
Program for Progress
Me dreaming of being thick, solid, tight.


Preparation prevents piss poor performance! Preparing for this mountain of work I’m about to undertake without a plan is a recipe for disaster. So behold, my program for golfing progress! Now I’ll be honest, this is a plan, it won’t be followed religiously, but I want it at least to give me a good baseline. Hopefully I’ve found a good balance between playing, practising and preparing my body.

Not long after this I’ll post my detailed individual programs I do for my gym (basically this from Layne Norton) and yoga / stretching respectively so stay tuned for that, but I’ll link them in this post as well once done so don’t stress. My yoga sessions are basically stretching sessions, so please interpret that accordingly. I know I shouldn’t but I use them interchangeably.

Program for Progress


AM: Cheeky 9 holes then putting drills.

PM: Upper body power gym session

Busy day for me as this will be on top of 2 uni classes in the afternoon. Doable as long as I get the work done early.


AM: 9 hole round and stretching / yoga

PM: Lower body power gym session

Another Uni day in the afternoon, hence the smaller day. But still sufficient enough to see lil improvements.


AM: 18 holes

PM: Rest + stretch

Uni again on Wednesday afternoon, but late enough I can squeeze in 18 or at least 9 and a decent amount of practice if need be.


AM: Putting then 9 hole round

PM: Putting and Wedge work

First day of the week with no classes! Lets get that bread, obtain that grain and yeet that wheat!


AM: 18 hole round

PM: Gym + Yoga

Another Uni free day so looking to do some decent golfing. If a full round can’t be done, going to at least aim for 9 along with some short game practice.


AM: Pitching and Chipping

PM: Lower body Gym + Yoga / Stretching

The weekend is here! No round for me today, but is a chance to catch up on some decent practice as well as focusing on getting my body right.


AM:Rest + Stretching and Yoga

PM: 9 hole round

Relaxing day, an easy 9 but nothing to serious. Looking to refresh and reset ready for the week ahead. Most likely will spend all spare time on Sunday preparing for the coming weeks’ classes and assignments.


So that’s my program for progress. I think there’s a decent balance of playing, practising and keeping my body right. Obviously this is not a rigid regime, but more of a guideline. I do want to play at least 4-5 rounds per week, with at least 2 of them being 18 holes is the plan. When Uni is getting pretty hectic, obviously I will have to scale down this program. But on the contrary when on semester break, I’ll be able to put a lot more hours in too.

Want to see if I’m walking the walk? Checkout my progress page for up to date stats and entries on what I’m doing.

Do you think I’m putting in enough work? Not enough? Will my body break down from over-training? Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z!

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