What Are My Goals?

In the interest of honesty and transparency, I thought it would be fair to list what I am hoping to achieve both within my golfing journey, but also with this blog. What do I think my chances are like? And why these goals in particular?

What are My Goals

Lets cut straight to the chase and list em


  • MAIN GOAL: Become a scratch golfer (at the very least).
  • To join the Asian Tour or similar. Or just be paid to play golf!
  • This blog to make my golfing journey self sufficient (or at the least maintainable).
  • Constant, Lil Improvements.
  • Basically, I want to be a bloody good golfer and get paid for it.


At this stage, indefinitely. But I finish university during the middle of 2020, and I’d be highly disappointed if I haven’t made scratch by then. Professional by 28? 30? I want / am able to commit around 30 hours per week, do you think this is enough?


Lil Improvements

That’s a good question. One of my original big inspirations was The Dan Plan (See a 2017 update here), and yes while I know he didn’t succeed, I still think overall the plan is possible. Greg Norman didn’t pick up a golf club until he was 15 and won a European Tour Event 7 years later. Ho-sung Choi was the same at 25 and now has 2 PGA Tour starts. I genuinely think I can put in the deliberate practice hours, and prepare accordingly, I do think it is possible, albeit a slim chance, but stranger and more remote things have happened.

One point I think is highly under rated is the power of compounding and constant, little improvements every day. One statistic I love is James Clear’s 1% better every day. So for example you improve 1% every day (see image below for the maths), you’ll be 37x better off!

Okay, okay 1% better every day is a bit generous, but what if we only improve half a percent? Or one-fifth of a percent? You’d still be 6x and twice as good compared to where you started respectively. At the very least I want to be able to improve by 0.5% per day. How do I quantify this and know I’m progressing consistently though? Good point, and I’m working on figuring it out. I’ll also be tracking my total hours spent on this project, more so out of curiosity than anything else.

Excuse my horrendous use of a stock photo, but some quick maths for you and what I expect out of myself daily.

Also I’m hoping my dog hungry mindset, along with deliberate practice and passion for game will get me further than what others may think I’m capable of. If I enjoy doing work, is it really work? Harness the good energy, block out the bad!



A big potential hurdle to my goals will be injury and injury prevention. If I get a serious injury there’s not much else I can do in the way of fixing it once it’s happened besides following proper rehab. I’m planning to prevent this possible snag by following a consistent and thorough stretching and strength program. I want to give my poor body every possible chance to at least make it through this journey in one piece with me. Can’t improve if ya can’t move!

Hours Needed

Secondly, another potential problem will be the hours required. Currently I believe I’ll be able to put in enough hours with my current Uni schedule and commitments, but life has a funny way of getting in the way of things and making it’s own course. I don’t think I can question my commitment and passion I have for this project, but getting in enough hours in a short enough period of time will be a decent challenge.


Lastly, the problem of finances. Currently I’m running this project through my savings and being a massive stingey bastard. I am currently running this as lean as possible. With the use of free practice putting and chipping greens, sparing use of the cheapest possible range balls, green fees covered by my cheap local club membership, and home putting practice drills keeping overall costs down. Currently I haven’t had any lessons or have any type of coach I see, but it’s in the pipeline to get some lessons and instruction at least every once in a while.

I hope (key word is a big hope here) that this blog can at least cover some of the costs associated with the process, whether it’s through sponsorship, donations or a good ol’ fashioned provide a service or product for a fee. Either way if you sign up to my newsletter or choose to support me, you sleep easy as I would never sell details onto a 3rd party or advertiser as it’s my absolute pet hate and I value your commitment to my process more than that!

So lets sum this all up, here’s some of what I think my advantages + disadvantages are, with a TL;DR thrown in for good measure.


  • Hours and energy available
  • Mentally and physically fit and ready
  • Time is on my side
  • Local course membership for effectively unlimited rounds until mid 2020


  • Putting very below average if not poor
  • Need to work on shaping shots and fixing slices.
  • Financially expensive and needing more lessons
  • No really cheap driving ranges or driving range memberships available near me?


I want to play scratch level golf at a bare minimum. Playing professionally would be nice. I want this blog to be useful to readers but also self sustaining.

All in all, I hope this has given you a fair idea of my goals and where I’m aiming to be. Hopefully, also giving you a better understanding of what makes me tick and how I’m gonna go about it!

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