Driving Range Drills for Dummies
Driving Range Drills for Dummies

You may not be a dummy, but I certainly am. So I’ve written my down my driving range drills for dummies!

How to Work Through a Bucket?

Me personally, I like to warm up and work through my bucket slowly and deliberately. I feel if I come straight to the range and try rip my driver through another dimension, my back is gonna implode and need a spinal fusion. So instead I start with my pitching wedge, and just aim 100 metres out. Nothing to strenuous. Just get the blood flowing, body linking and learning. Basically I like to start with a couple of my wedges, go through a couple and get a feel, then it’s onto my next club. I don’t want to grind out and groove a swing with any one club, as you’re not able to do it on the course. 5-10 balls I think is enough to get a feel of the club and work it out, without becoming a driving range zombie.

In terms of specific details for a standard bucket of 90 balls, I’ll usually go with:

  • 5x Gap Wedge
  • 10x Pitching Wedge (I find my Pitching Wedge gets the most use on course besides my driver and putter)
  • 5x 9 iron
  • 5x 8 iron
  • 5x 7 iron
  • 5x 6 iron
  • 5x 4 iron
  • 40x Divot golf app
  • 10x Driver & Hitting bombs! Grip it and rip it!

There’s an app for that?

Well of course there’s an app for the driving range! I personally use Divot (Playstore and Apple Store), and no I’m not sponsored by them (or anyone unfortunately), but really love their app. One of the often mentioned downsides of the driving range is that people may buy their bucket, belt a hundred balls, and afterwards feel they’ve learnt nothing from it. Divot keeps practice stimulating by changing things up and giving different scenarios to hit for. While I know I sound like a giant shill right now, I do use and love the app. And they haven’t paid me a damn dime! There’s no ads and it’s hands-free when you use it, so I think it’s at least worth a try.

Driving Range Drills for Dummies
Back at it again with the generic golf pics

Key Tips!

  • Each ball I hit on the driving range I do my full pre shot routine. I’ve paid for all those balls, I’ll be damned if I ain’t gonna treat them with the respect and love they deserve.
  • Make sure I aim for a target. Everything needs to be aligned. I’m aiming for a patch, a flag or something. I don’t want to mindlessly hit ball after ball into the abyss.
  • Record your swing! At least every now and again. Gives me a good view of what I look like and if there’s any glaring deficiencies. Also can be used to show your golf pro later on.

How Many Balls Do You Hit at the Driving Range? (And its Cost?)

  • So 90 balls per visit ($8), at around 3 visits per week is 270 ($24).
  • Per month (x4 for simpler purposes) is 1080 balls per month ($96).
  • Per year, 270 balls for 52 weeks adds up to 14,040 ($1,248). Imagine wasting 14,000 balls or over $1,000 because your driving range routine was a waste! Mind boggling!

Hitting Off Mats or Grass?

For me? Grass all day, never mats. I play on grass courses, so why not hit off grass? I know everyone might not be so lucky to have a grass driving range near them, but if you have the choice I definitely recommend going with the grass driving range.


I’ve been doing this routine for a little while now and find it works pretty well for me. Unfortunately I don’t have a personal assistant to spray water on my balls, but I seem to manage just fine.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my driving range drills for dummies. Leave a comment if you think I’m well off the mark or spouting nonsense. Also checkout the related reading below for some more relevant info and videos.

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