So to tell you a bit about who I am, my names Kalani and I was born and raised in Australia. I’m currently studying my masters at University and have a fair bit of free time on my hands. Recently I’ve developed a strong passion for golf and whilst I played a little bit of golf growing up, it was never anything consistent or substantial. At best all I got out of it was a the ability to swing a club consistently and know the basics. My aim for my golf game is to make Lil Improvements, consistently, day after day.


Me documenting my attempt to finally become a scratch golfer. To go balls to the wall on this goal and not wonder “what if?”.

I don’t really enjoy doing things halfheartedly so I have decided (maybe stupidly so) to go all in on this adventure and put myself out there in the process of doing so. I maybe be a bit insane and delusional towards my goals but I think it’s worth giving it a red hot crack!

About LIG
I swear I made the putt…


Because I love a challenge. Especially if it seems impossible. After losing my job and whilst studying at Uni, I’ve found a fair bit of free time and absolutely fell completely in love with the game of golf and now spend every minute of spare time practising and improving. Therefor I decided to set a lofty but (what I think anyway) manageable to goal of reaching scratch level golf. But if I’m being honest I don’t want to stop there, I also believe if I put enough time, effort and deliberate practice there is enough time for me to reach some sort of tour level golf. Ho-sung Choi didn’t start playing until he was 25! So I’ve got a 2 year head start ;).


Because I’m funny and interesting? But seriously I’m hoping that by diving and delving into this goal, I’ll able to show and create some high quality information / drills / tips that will not only be interesting to read, but applicable to their own golf games too. Or you may choose to read just to follow my descent into golfing insanity and laugh at my pity. The choice is up to you!

*insert generic golf panorama*


Basically as a giant hack. Never broke 90, didn’t even have a handicap. For a decent picture of where i started, see this post.


If you think I’m insane and need some help, or if you want support me in any way possible, please see the Support page! You’re help is greatly appreciated on this often lonely journey.

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